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Brandslift Web Infotech Privacy Policy

At Brandslift Web Infotech, we value the trust you place in us when you visit one of our websites or use one of our web services. We’ve built an enduring reputation for using technology and data to bring transparency, integrity and efficiency to everyone we serve. Part of our commitment to transparency and integrity is making sure you understand what data we collect, how we use it and how it may be shared.

This Privacy Policy for Brandslift Web Infotech outlines how your personal information is collected and utilized when you engage with our websites, utilize our mobile and web applications, or contact us via phone. References to "we" and "our" pertain to Brandslift Web Infotech, while "you" and "your" denote any individual utilizing our websites, services, and/or applications.

What is personal information?

When we refer to personal information, we mean data that can identify, locate, or contact you, either on its own or when combined with other identifiable details. However, personal information does not encompass data lawfully accessible from government records or consumer information that has been de-identified or aggregated.

Use of our Sites & Services

We want to inform you that we actively and passively gather personal information, occasionally acquiring data from third-party sources. When utilizing our Sites and Services, certain actions, such as registering for our services, placing bids, or uploading images, may require you to provide personally identifiable information. Moreover, our Sites and Services collect personally identifiable information passively to ensure their effective operation for our users. This includes necessary steps such as accurate bid transmission and granting appropriate access to licensed Brandslift Web Infotech Additionally, we receive legally available information from publicly accessible government records, like final bid submission data provided by government agencies (third-party sources), which Brandslift Web Infotech into the Services. If you wish to understand how we acquire and utilize publicly available data, please refer to our policies.

Notice of Access and Sharing

To access an Brandslift Web Infotech, registration necessitates the sharing of specific personal details. Your provision of personal information for account registration and subsequent usage of each Brandslift Web Infotech under the licensing agreement or terms of use is essential for complete service utilization. Brandslift Web Infotech places a high priority on your safety and consistently structures its Sites and Services to safeguard your information, allowing you control over access to and sharing of your personal data to the greatest extent feasible.